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The European Commission, the Internet Community and democratic legitimation

This post is about a week late, but I think it is still valid: In the discussion about the non-referral of ACTA to the European Court of Justice by the European Parliament the European Commission called the Internet Community ‘not democratically legitimated’. Now this is an interesting thing to write by the European Commission.

Obviously, this is yet another attempt to discredit those criticizing ACTA, but it does take it to another level. While earlier criticism tried to portrait the demonstrators as badly informed, and their information outdated or simply wrong, now it seems that the European Commission wants to put our legitimacy in doubt. How dare people try to influence policy makers even though they have no political mandate! Well, while the internet community, if such a group exists and can be talked about, is not democratically elected, this sheds a light on how the Commission seems to think democracy is supposed to be working.

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