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Data retention and the Pirate generation

The Pirate Party of Germany is getting a lot of attention at the moment, prompting a lot of people with all kinds of political backgrounds to join us. Not just hackers, geeks, system administrators or kids that grew up on web 2.0, but ordinary Germans with or without a college education, former social democrats and greens, liberals/libertarians and leftists, even conservative people are joining our ranks in droves. Naturally, this means that not all of them are familiar with our core issues: privacy on the internet and copyright reform. In my hometown of Hanover this contrast is quite stark, our average age is way beyond 40. We are just founding our youth pirate chapter (hopefully to also inject more youth into the local party itself).

On a debate with an older pirate I had a very interesting train of thought. It is not exactly rocket science or anything very novell, but I think it makes for a very compelling argument, and that is why I would like to share it here:

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